Thriving Through a Downward Spiraling Economy – Honor Saturn

The “Economy” is an eco-system composed of mutual interdependencies. It features worlds within worlds and therefore resists singular statements. For example, you can declare that “the economy is bad,” but at the same time, there are always people who make money during recessions and even depressions. The “Economy” is not just something “out there,” or something directed by big corporations or federal regulators. It is also a most accurate reflection of who and where we are as a people, and it tells us much about our own inner workings.

As I described in April, I’m sharing some ideas and practices that can help to rebalance the terrain, that can allow us to sidestep the more destructive aspects of a toxic economy: wage slavery, seeing others as objects, dependence upon the whims of markets, and being constantly caught in hope and fear.

This round:  Honor Saturn

Honoring Saturn means being a grownup, accepting and respecting your limits and working within them. You can do this by setting a “cap budget,” which is not micro-managing money, but setting an upper limit of expenses. The propitiation of Saturn then is to not cross that line. This is how you stay out of psychologically crippling debt, and learn the very real power and pride of self-sufficiency. This also moves you away from the mind set of our governments that spend money they do not have and then play shell games of moving funds from one administrative entity to another. When you are constantly trying to cover your ass by moving money around there is no energy for discovery, for creativity, or for an alignment that can generate true prosperity.

Working with a budget is its own yoga. It means actually taking responsibility for what you have, what you owe, and how you are using your time and energy. Having a bunch of unfinished projects around you participates in the same energy as having a lot of debt around you. When you are not careful; it becomes a way of life, and you spend your precious time playing “catch-up.” Therefore the great Saturn mantra is “finish it.” Whether it is financial, social, or work focused, complete things fully and you suddenly feel lighter and are ready to move into greater spheres of opportunity.

You can eliminate scarcity elementals by staying out of debt, which might actually be a revolutionary act in our time. “Buying now and paying later,” is the debt-ridden strategy of the mainstream and you want to avoid it at all costs. A mortgage might be the one exception, but it still needs to be under your “Cap,” that is, to be truly affordable.

Keep money around, not unconsciously, but honor it. This helps create the elemental of abundance. Keep your cash, and barter more: the less credit, the better.

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