Third Chakra: The Moment of Choice

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

(R. Buckminster Fuller)

The third chakra holds, as one of its symbols, the sword of the warrior, which is the sword of discrimination. While it has been said that whoever controls the flow of information controls the culture, what is now called the culture is but a veneer that covers reality. When one’s being is not rooted in the Real, unwholesome dependency ensues: dependency on partial or biased information and on the fluctuations of mood and mind. All information, of course, is biased and partial, which does not mean it is to be ignored, just not non-critically depended upon.

We are being asked, through our current situation, to build our house upon a rock, upon our solid connection to Spirit – right in the midst of all the chaos and confusion.

This does not mean that we ignore or deny what is happening around us, that is where discrimination comes in, cutting away the dross of incessant busyness, media addiction, and the cacophony of blaming and predicting, to use this time to revision ourselves and the world we want to be a part of, for now is the time to create the earth-walk we have dreamed of, one that renders the old system obsolete.

Here are some third chakra practices for a “re-creation.” This is part of my current list. Please take what works for you and add your own. This is what we do on our ZOOM Manifestation Cafés, inspire one another to move our trajectories toward fruition.

Own, love, study, and become aware of your body: no one has the right to dictate what put in, or do not to put in your body, your temple of understanding. Amplify immune systems with profound intent.

Move toward financial independence. There is great monetary suffering happening right now, and it has revealed just how unsustainable the world economy is. Can we turn this “on purpose?” That is, can we take this as an impetus to actually do something about it, and not just for the short term? Many of us are experiencing the liberating reality that we can get along quite well on half the stuff that we are accustomed to. Still, exorbitant mortgages, property taxes, student loans, and medical expenses are the tools of modern serfdom. Can we plant our feet on the ground, trade in more money for more time, and ignite the fires of indignation to burn away hesitation and fear so that we can create a better way? Lest you dismiss this as New Age fluff, 170 Dutch academics recently put together a 5-point manifesto for economic change after the C19 crisis, building on “de-growth” principles (—en.pdf). There are real possibilities if we should choose them!

Practice listening and speaking to one another with respect by creating spaces of open dialogue that bypass the centralized censorship of information.   Cultivate your home. It is a sanctuary, but not a bunker. Be open to those who Spirit sends your way and keep the energy circulating.

Let food be your medicine. Cook with alchemical love and gratefulness for an opportunity to simplify out of processed pseudo-nutrition.

Take creativity out of the closet, it is your God given energy and will keep you healthy. Create your own ritual of organization around harmony, not “alarm.” Allow your life to flow around your priorities not your apprehensions.

Cultivate trusting relationships. Know who your peeps are, over and beyond tribal bloodlines.

Perhaps, above all, can we maintain awareness of what is really at stake during the Covid19 lockdown? Yes our families, our health, and our livelihoods are indeed at stake, but so is our “soul-hood.” The sword of discrimination moves us to hone our visions and prepare for action, not to go to war against illness, but to release “dis-ease” as we unhook from media, state, and consensus imposed visions.

Our true employer is the Universe, and if your work is not aligned with your soul’s vision, it is demeaning wage-slavery. Network – you cannot do this alone. Challenge the individual island theory with conscious community, by connecting while still staying close to the inner space – your heart. No one, no circumstance, can take that from you: do not abandon your conscience. Let this time become our stepping-stone to the flowering of the life and the world we have held inside for so long.

Indeed, this is our opportunity!


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