The Alchemy of Abundance

The Advanced Manifestation Workshop
Becoming an Alchemist of Abundance

The Advanced Manifestation Workshop is a level up from and is an excellent ‘next step’ for anyone who has already taken Create the Work You Love, or who considers him/herself to be an advanced student of psycho-spiritual studies. While Work You Love is focused on your livelihood in the world, Advanced Manifestation is all-encompassing.

  • Enter powerful realms of personal & transpersonal realities to:
  • connect with your guiding divinities
  • break free of linear concepts of reality
  • gain key insights into long-standing blockages
  • deploy techniques to manifest your intentions
  • live in conscious flow with the powers of creation
  • learn the art & science of true giving & receiving
  • be the best steward of the gifts you’ve been given
  • put ancient psycho-spiritual wisdom to work for you in all aspects of your life
  • move toward a fuller, more mature experience of FREEDOM IN ACTION.

Once you know the basics, and know where you want to go with your life (as revealed or refined in Create the Work You Love), then Advanced Manifestation addresses the art & science of actualizing dreams & intuitions in the physical world. Learn how to get the money, the time, the support, the materials & resources to do what you want to do. Manifesting is not wishing, hoping, or praying; it is producing what you need to engage in your highest level of effectiveness, potential & joy.

Understand & experience creation flowing through you at every moment, and how every thought, wish & experience has consequences and creates realities. Open your consciousness to the multidimensional realities that are created through you on a moment-by-moment basis, and produce outcomes effectively through this awareness.

“This is true abundance: to cower before no one and no thing, to honor the life we have been given, and to dare to open to our fullness.” ~ Rick Jarow

Event organizers please note: Any workshop can be designed for a single day, a 2-day weekend, or a 5-day intensive.

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