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Creating the Work You Love

How would your life change if you honored your life’s calling rather than settling for yet another job? What if you could build a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose… even in these tough economic times?

In this richly experiential workshop, you will gain clarity and definition of your authentic vocation while receiving both the internal processes and practical applications to discern your true priorities, manifest your creative visions into the physical world, and develop a career aligned with your entire being. Taught within a meditative format employing internal exercises to uncover your “embodied” vocation, this workshop will open the doors to your greatest inspiration and motivation while offering step-by-step methods for moving those inspirations into action. The result is an inner readiness and practical preparedness to manifest your authentic vocation and cultivate sources of income that are in alignment your entire being.

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The Alchemy of Abundance

Alchemy of Abundance teaches the art and science of Manifestation and allows you to make sense of your life in a new and creative way. Your own life journey is the subject matter of this work. This workshop teaches a threefold process that allows you to look clearly and uncompromisingly at what has actually happened in your life, shows you how to release conditioned responses that keep you repeating the same scenarios over and over again, and, most importantly, teaches you how to incubate a “healed vision” that brings forth your greatest potential and most liberating, powerful response to the gift of life you’ve been given.

By exploring “mandalas of the directions” (what is arising, what is leaving, what needs to be amplified, and where to keep still) and entering the “twelve chambers of manifestation,” you are given the space and freedom to become a conscious life-architect and artist, and to transform the “base metals” of resentment, disease, and despair, into directed power, vibrant health, and radiant compassion.

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The Jewel in the Darkness:
Life Transitions as Initiations of Renewal

Have you experienced a loss of a job, a change in a relationship, a chronic illness, a revelation, the death of a loved one, or the sense that something new is about to begin? This workshop offers the opportunity to enter into the deepest moments of any transition with an awareness that allows the soul to open to profound possibility. You will learn an alchemical way to “hold with process,” bear the heat of the moment and surrender as the very forces that seem to tear you apart reveal a path of initiation and renewal.

The Jewel in the Darkness offers a series of guided meditations that take us, in slow-motion, through our lives, and transform anguish into compassion and freedom. We will chart the depths of the underworld journey through Persephone (victim), Chiron (savior) The Fisher King (mortification), Orpheus (lover), and Odysseus (trickster), and employ creative processes, such as drawing, visualization and ritual, to show us how to navigate complex feelings in an awakened way. We will discover that “not knowing the answer” doesn’t need to cause guilt or shame, but rather, can evoke new powers of wisdom and compassion, allowing us to make deeply informed decisions.

As we learn to look at any transition through a lens of fullness, and allow ourselves to embrace the life process we are given, we receive the wisdom to move through the most difficult aspects of our lives with skill, grace and peace.

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At the Edge of the Abyss:
Life’s Seven Major Passages and Their Call to Transformation

Whether you’re experiencing a transition in your own life or assisting others through their life challenges, this workshop will give you a deeper understanding of how planetary forces influence our lives and how to recognize possibilities during times of difficulty. We will explore the 7 archetypal passages through the lens of astrology and other Western wisdom traditions so you can identify which passage you are currently experiencing and learn new tools, strategies and practices to help you navigate each passage with skill and grace.

Six of the seven passages are associated with a planetary energy. Saturn governs crises involving limits, structure, responsibility and successive seven-year turning points in our lives. Uranus rules our need for freedom, rebellion, and dramatic change. Neptune brings about periods of inspiration, times of “getting lost,” and our quest for direction. Pluto’s passage is about initiation through the darkness of loss, as well as through rebirth. Jupiter expands our horizons and guides the search for our true calling. Venus governs love and all of love’s travails. The seventh passage reconciles all these forces so we can clarify our own authentic path and engage with our true destiny.

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Bhagavata Purana: The Yoga of Love and Death

“What should someone do who is about to die?” This question sparked the teachings of the Bhagavata-Purana, known as the seminal text of bhakti yoga — the yoga of absolute love and bliss. Even today, these teachings show us how to embrace both life and death with an awakened heart and thus overthrow the tyranny of the ego and its fear of death. In this workshop, we will explore the teachings of the Bhagavata-Purana, which shows us how this awakening of heart does not come with heroic yogic efforts of control, but rather through the sweet surrender of self to the source of all love and beauty.

As we progress through the day, you will begin to let go of your own fear of death, come into a deeper, more expansive understanding of the yoga traditions, and see clearly how bhakti — a practice that is intimately aligned with poetry, music, and dance — serves as an integrating compliment to both yogic and tantric teachings.

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