Manifestation Café

A heroic life is one in which you realize your fullest potentials, give generously and become a conscious instrument of healing and transformation within your respective cultures and communities. The Manifestation Community is an ongoing workshop in which those who are committed to such a life can find support and encouragement. Accessing, pursuing and sustaining our greatness is the purpose of this community.
In the Manifestation Community, you have the opportunity to meet with a dedicated group of manifestation partners over the course of a year. Members share their manifestation goals and work toward actualizing, tuning-up, re-visioning and empowering their projects with the added muscle of group energy and support.
In addition to each participant’s projects, products, or services, the community might decide on an annual theme to collectively revisit in the spirit of prayerful service (seva) to the world. The point is to see where we can bring light, hope, possibility, opportunity, and divine order into the fullness of our lives and the lives of others.
The task at hand is not to put out the fires in our lives, but to allow them to burn away what is false and create ways that will sustain our hearts and souls. As we reconnect with each other, see where we have been and understand how we can support everyone’s journey to healing and wholeness, we will fearlessly speak the truths that give our lives the sharp edges of reality.
If you are interested in joining a community of people with sleeves rolled up, ready for deep participation in the process, please contact Rick to learn more. Location will be revealed upon receipt of inquiry, and there is a modest annual fee to defray costs.