The Inner Economy

Discover how to create more time, vibrant health, meaningful work, beauty amid chaos, and deep abiding peace by getting your “inner economy” in order.

The word “economy” can be traced back to the Greek oikos, meaning “house” or “household,” and refers to the intimate management of our daily lives. Rick begins with the premise that “we are the system” and if the world’s economy has become unmanageable, it is but a reflection of how our own “inner households” have become deeply imbalanced and off center, and how we have become misaligned with Source, with Self, with the natural world and its rhythms, and with each other.

Using techniques from his forthcoming book The Teachings of EL, Rick will share practices of body, mind, spirit, community, relationship, and money that can inspire you to manage your inner economy and reclaim your birthright as an integral, whole being. Through self-examination, guided exercises, and the science of “energy management” you’ll learn to realign your inner household system and abide in both peace and dynamic purpose and passion in the midst of the global marketplace.

The “Inner Economy” workshop will take place at the Rowe Center, Rowe MA, the weekend of March 29-31st.

For more information, or to register, visit the Rowe Center event page here.

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