Audio Downloads:

More downloads, books & CD’s by Rick Jarow coming soon.


The Alchemy of Abundance: The Art and Science of Manifestation
Creating The Work You Love: Courage, Commitment, and Career
Inner Traditions, 1995 – The Complete Anti-Career Book
Tales for the Dying: The Death Narrative of the Bhagavata-Purana
State University of Albany Press, 2003
In Search of the Sacred: A Pilgrimage to Holy places Spiritual Journeys in India, Europe, and the Middle East
Quest Books, 1986 – Working through the forms of the Past to emerge in the present.
Saints Alive: The Teachings of Hilda Charlton
Golden Quest Books, NY 1996
Meditation CDs

Tantric Alchemy of Abundance – CD
Talk and exercises on practice of abundance

The Full Chakra Meditation – CD

Full chakra alignment, including animal, color, and energy visualizations


The Four Directions: at the Crossroads – CD

A guided journey through landscapes of manifestation & life alignment.


Anti-Career Meditations with music by Richard Shulman – CD
The complete sequence of meditations from the Creating The Work You Love Workshop. Now in CD form!

Bad VilbelThe Story of the Father / The Glory of the Mother with music by Frank Kostler
Two deeply layered journeys around the healing of the male and female

Courses on CD

The Advanced Manifestation Program: Shaping Your Reality With the Power of Your Desire
6 CD’s
“Helped by its seamless production and beautiful music, this production rings true from start to finish because of the author’s earnest speaking style, fascinating personal story, and sophisticated advice on how to move beyond fear, ambiguity, isolation, and inaction.” AudioFile magazine

The Ultimate Anti Career Guide: Your Life’s Work
Sounds True 2000 8 Cd’s
“In one of the most powerful and genuine audios on any subject, a spiritual seeker and career expert applies a wide array of personal growth knowledge to the challenge of finding one’s life work. This is an exceptional guide that jumps right over the truisms of career counseling and job hunting and grabs you where you are with your life. Jarow faultlessly integrates his experience with Eastern thought and the psychology of work to provide beautifully articulated advice and powerful meditation exercises.AudioFile Magazine

The Yoga of Work with Music by Glen Velez
Strategies for Right Livelihood from the World’s Wisdom Traditions
Sounds True 2000 (2 Cd’s)