Books by Rick Jarow

In Search of the Sacred
A Pilgrimage to Holy Places

Theosophical Publishing House

Explore with Rick the splendor and subtle wonders to be found at Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Amiens, Lourdes, the Vatican, Assisi, the Acropolis. Then to fabled India highlighted by a visit with Rick’s good friends, Sai Baba and Swami Janananda. Next, become locked in the Great Pyramid of Egypt with Rick while he is meditating. Then on to Israel and the Holocaust Museum. Home then to America where “…living itself is a pilgrimage.”

Tales for the Dying


Explores death and dying in the Bhagavata-Purana and in the Indian religious imagination using insights from myth, semiotics, and depth psychology as well as the Indian commentarial tradition.

Creating the Work You Love:
Courage, Commitment, and Career

Inner Traditions

In this unique and provocative look at work, career counselor Rick Jarow argues for a return to the concept of vocation–finding a “calling” instead of a job.

Traditional career guides inventory the individual skills, talents, and abilities that correlate to specific existing jobs. Creating the Work You Love presents a unique alternative approach, using self-reflective exercises based on the seven chakras, to help you determine the elements you need to create a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Jarow believes that it is possible to live and act from the most authentic part of oursleves, and to express our strongest values, energies, and talents through our work in the world. Concentrating on the attributes associated with each of the body’s energy centers, or chakras, Dr. Jarow helps us form a bridge between our personal priorities and the external activities of the work world. Once this bridge is established, strategies are developed to find a career that nourishes all aspects of our lives.

Alchemy of Abundance:
Using the Energy of Desire to Manifest Your Highest Vision, Power, and Purpose

Published by Sounds True

Have you ever felt the magic of being in the right place at the right time, when you and the universe seemed to be working in effortless cooperation?

If so, you have already witnessed what Rick Jarow calls the “Alchemy of Abundance”-the fusion of internal forces and external experience that transmutes the “base metal of a stagnant life” into the gold of full and open participation in every unfolding moment.

In Alchemy of Abundance, Jarow reveals the miracle that happens to you when you align your inner energies-your passion, creativity, attention, and will-with the power of the universe itself to make manifest your unique purpose. Includes in-depth exercises and guided visualizations to strengthen your faith in yourself, cultivate patience and generosity, and bring your goals into harmony with the plan the universe has for you.


  • Creating your “Mandala of Manifestation”-a powerful tool that will clarify and focus what you want to come into being
  • Fourteen guided visualizations for learning to attend to your body, your vocation, your relationships, your money, and much more

The Cloud of Longing:
A New Translation and Eco-Aesthetic Study of Kalidasa’s Meghaduta

Oxford University Press

A full-length study and new translation of the great Sanskrit poet Kalidasa’s famed Meghaduta (literally “The Cloud Messenger,”) The Cloud of Longing focuses on the poem’s interfacing of nature, feeling, figuration, and mythic memory. This work is unique in its attention given to the natural world in light of the nexus of language and love that is the chief characteristic (lakshana) of the poem. Along with a scrupulous study of the approximately 111 verses of the poem, The Cloud of Longing offers an extended look at how nature was envisioned by classical India’s supreme poet as he portrays a cloud’s imagined voyage over the fields, valleys, rivers, mountains, and towns of classical India.

This sustained, close reading of the Meghaduta will speak to contemporary readers as well as to those committed to developing a more in-depth experience of the natural world. The Cloud of Longing fills a gap in the translation of classical Indian texts, as well as in studies of world literature, religion, and into an emerging integrative environmental discipline.