Planetary Archetypes, Constellation,
and Self-Realization:
Athens, Greece March 25-26, 2023

Presenting a new workshop with Agape Alexomanolaki and Rick Jarow which teaches conscious ways to navigate through the chaos and oppressiveness of the current world situation. Combining the experiential benefits of the systemic constellation work with meditation, we develop the awareness that frees us from possession, reaction, and confusion, allows us to walk in the world with dignity and consciousness.

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Full Spectrum Yoga: The Bhagavad Gita
Workshop with Rick Jarow
March 2023 - January 2024
Il Sogno di Lao - Genoa, Italy

The Gita Seminar is a serious in-depth study of what has become known as the “Bible of India.” What may be unique about the Gita is that it offers “something for everybody.” With its understanding that individuals have their own specific karmic dispositions, The Gita offers perspectives and practices that can support anybody’s spiritual path.

In terms of my own life’s work, the Gita is a step beyond “Creating the Work You Love” because of its wholistic, cosmic sensibility. The goal is not to develop a specific kind of work or life situation, but to deeply understand and integrate with one’s dharma, one’s sacred obligation in life. In its detailed teaching, doing what needs to be done in a way that both serves the greater good and pleases one’s inner being is not only possible but necessary in order to reach the higher levels of love--that is, the love which never dies.

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Create The Work You Love.

Now is the time to honor your life’s calling and create a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose.

Author, educator and pioneer of the anti-career movement, Rick Jarow leads the way with his workshop and book, “Creating the Work You Love.”

Now you can open the doors to your greatest inspiration and motivation, move inspiration into action, develop your authentic vocation and cultivate sources of income that are in alignment with who you really are….. even in these tough economic times.