What Career Counselors Don’t Know: Uncovering Your Vocation from the Inside-Out

Career counselors and job placement agencies are well intentioned when they give clients a variety of assessment tests in order “place” them in a position or career for which they would be best suited. But if you are to discover your true vocation and create work that is aligned with every aspect of your being – your values, your priorities, your spiritual perspective – you need to approach your search from a soul level, from the inside out. When you start processing internally in this way, it immediately affects what shows up in your external world.

There are step-by-step processes to help you discover your true vocation that includes meditation, visioning, and a kind of remembering, all of which allow you to open the book of your own life and pay attention to the creative wisdom that is already showing you the way. As you enter into these processes, what you are here to do becomes obvious.

One of these processes uses the chakra system – the energy centers of your body. As you explore the major issues associated with each chakra, you can integrate all of who you are into the vision of your vocation.

The first chakra is about Abundance, or self-esteem, or your sense of wellbeing. This chakra also involves your willingness to come from your own truth instead of living for someone else’s agenda.

The second chakra is about discovering and connecting to what you truly care about, not what you’re supposed to care about.

The third chakra is about power, decision-making and clarity. This is where things get real and concrete. For no one creates a career by just imagining “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice.” They do it by setting a very particular focus and following through.

The fourth chakra is where you create your vocational vision in terms of a greater community and open to greater possibilities. This is where you go beyond the idea of “How can I survive,” which is based in scarcity, and instead ask, “Where can I offer the best of me?”

In the fifth chakra, you use the power of the imagination in visionary ways and acknowledge people who have inspired you. Just as Bob Dylan had to find Woody Guthrie in order to become Bob Dylan, you need to find people who can show you the way to what is possible.

The sixth and seventh chakras are so ethereal that they generally don’t play a large part in this process except as a way to understand what you believe about reality, and your vision of reality is going to directly affect your potential to manifest the work you love.

The value of the process is increased a thousand-fold when you move through it with others who’s intention is the same: to finally know the work they were meant to do, work that will sustain them at all levels of their being. When you bring people together who are intentioned in this way, and you have someone who can hold the space, then what is created becomes incredibly intensified and amazing things happen.

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