Rick Jarow interview on Making the Play with Dave Briglio

Rick Jarow, Ph.D., with Dave Briglio, discussing how work and sports are a big part of our society.

In this episode,

  • Detailed discussion on his class “Sports and Religion”, focusing on how sports is used to introduce our children into society, and how we can use sports to provide better experiences for kids and enable them to become better people.  This will include key concepts such as “abundance” and how that relates to self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Ways to enjoy your work, and to help others do the same by seeking a “trajectory” (instead of a narrowly-focused goal) for their career and life.
  • The challenges in trying to develop a vision for a career path which you can actually achieve, and not become overwhelmed or stuck in “planning mode”.
  • Learn how to be T.A.L.L. – Rick will explain how, if we want kids to stand tall in Life, we must teach them (and ourselves) to “Trust”, “Ask”, “Listen” and Live.


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