Private Consultations

Rick offers one-to-one astrological and vocational sessions at his office in Poughkeepsie, NY by phone, in-person or by skype.

To arrange a private session with Rick, contact Christine at

Currently, there is a waiting list for consultations with Rick. We will add you to this list and let you know when more appointments become available.

Astrological Readings with Rick

“Rick Jarow recently did an astrology reading for me and I have never had a more accurate one. Two weeks before my mom was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, he told me that my mom would either be moving away or “leaving”.  Then he told me that my husband would have to be very careful in the coming months regarding any kind of drugs..pharmaceutical included,  as his body was super sensitive to them and he could over react. husband went for a physical and let himself be talked into a tetanus booster and literally almost died. He ended up in the hospital for 10 days and had to fight his way back from it. I highly, highly recommend Rick Jarow for astrology readings if you want an accurate reading.  Thank you Rick..for the heads up about stuff that was happening.  I WILL be getting another reading soon. If I could I would be giving this a 5 star rating.

About Astrological Readings:

New clients who are not yet familiar with their chart, or who have never had a natal reading, should begin with a Life/Natal astrological reading, which serves as the foundation for future work. If you wish, you may bring your own recording device to the session.

Natal Full-Life Reading

This comprehensive view of your life-path, energy dynamics, past and future tendencies, high abilities, and significant challenges sets the baseline for clarity, depth, and discovery. We explore twelve major areas of life through the houses of the zodiac (Body, Finances, Communication, Home, Children & Creativity, Health, Significant Others, Sexuality & Death, Faith, Vocation, Community, and the Inner World) and look at creative soul patterning possibilities. It is strongly recommended to have the Full Natal Reading before on-going work with Rick Jarow. A Progressed Reading is included in the initial Natal reading.
Natal Charts for Children (under age 14): $100

Progressed Reading

Based on the Natal Chart, the Progressed Reading focuses on the current year. It details emerging energies and opportunities and maps the archetypes that are presently engaging consciousness (waking, sleeping, and dreaming), and looks at ways to enhance our life’s journey. The progressed reading helps orient one for the year ahead.


Archetypal Soul Explorations

This series of eight sessions is for those who feel called to explore their Astrological Mandala (their particular conscious/unconscious/super-conscious configurations) and who want to use them as a way of plumbing the depth of the psyche: These sessions include specific guided meditations, maps and practices to develop awareness of the relationship between our inner and outer worlds, defining and pursuing specific life goals and spiritual paths, and learning of the numinous significance of the major relationships in our lives and how they fit into our life’s work. Each session is 50-minutes. $108 per session

One to One Vocational Counseling Program

The Vocational Series is a set of four sessions that flow in gradated steps to help you focus on and achieve “right livelihood.” The vocational sessions are usually one month apart and include specific exercises that are to be done between sessions. The Vocational sessions tailor the concepts and practices of “Creating the Work You Love” to the individual and his or her specific situation. Each session is 50-minutes. $108 per session

Further mentoring and spiritual counseling sessions are available for those who complete these first four vocational counseling sessions.

Suggested prerequisite: Rick recommends that new clients begin with one of the two astrological readings before starting vocational counseling.

To book individual counseling sessions, contact Christine at