Private Consultations

Rick offers one-to-one astrological and vocational sessions at his offices in New York City and in Poughkeepsie, NY, and by phone.

To arrange a private session with Rick, contact Sue Groman at or call 610-613-7260.

Currently, there is a waiting list for consultations with Rick. We will add you to this list and let you know when more appointments become available.

Astrological Readings with Rick

Life (or Natal) Reading

The Life Reading gives you an astrologically based, comprehensive overview of your life-journey, including an examination of patterns, challenges, and potentials. This session, which runs approximately 100-minutes, explores every area of manifestation and experience, including core energy, motivation, defining values, finances, health, communication skills, creativity, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and one’s legacy in the world… from point of origin to present. It also includes a Current Focus reading.
Natal Charts for Children (under age 14): $100

Current Focus (or Progressed) Reading

The Current Focus Reading is an astrologically based, in-depth exploration of your present situation focusing on opportunities, challenges, and optimum ways of dealing with them. This 50-minute progressed reading provides an overview of the coming year with details on how unfolding patterns and their variant possibilities may manifest in your life.

About Astrological Readings:

New clients who are not yet familiar with their chart, or who have never had a natal reading, should begin with a Life/Natal astrological reading, which serves as the foundation for future work. If you wish, you may bring your own recording device to the session.

One to One Vocational Counseling Program

In this a comprehensive, four-session program you will be taken through the fourfold wheel of vocation (sacred obligation, creative vision, career definition and development, and work/relationship integration), and you will explore issues of clarity, focus, commitment and effective expression. Each session is 50-minutes. $108 per session

Further mentoring and spiritual counseling sessions are available for those who complete these first four vocational counseling sessions.

While astrological readings are recorded, vocational readings are not, since they tend to be more conversational in nature.

Suggested prerequisite: Rick recommends that new clients begin with one of the two astrological readings before starting vocational counseling.

To book individual counseling sessions, contact Sue Groman at or call 610-613-7260.