About the gathering

What is the Annual Gathering at Ananda?

Every autumn, Rick Jarow hosts an annual Advanced Manifestation Gathering at the magical Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York. The people who come are not beginners. Many of them are quite accomplished in their fields and have been on the path of manifesting consciousness in the world for years. All of them have worked with Rick Jarow and know how to hold energy and intention.

We all meet to develop more clarity, power, and focus, as well as to connect with others who have a resonant sense of purpose. The collective goal is to get a clear vision of the coming year, to develop a workable action plan with the aid of feedback from others, and to consciously connect with the deep archetypal currents of energy that underpin our individual lives.

As in previous years, Rick is offering the opportunity to help subsidize the cost of Ananda attendance for those less fortunate. To read more, and contribute, click here.

The weekend is a great time: a time of passion, music, ritual, and a time of decision. Rather than “looking for something new” the weekend is about strengthening resolve and harnessing the power of attention to break through the debilitating mass-mind culture of apathy, inertia, and distraction. We come to powerfully make a difference, to experience a luminous expansion of body and consciousness, community and action. Participants are often guided to offer their teachings and talents, and space is made for this. This is not just another workshop. This is a landmark, a jumping off point, a consolidation of all of our efforts to birth new forms of clarity, vision, purpose, and community.

*Prerequisite for the workshop is that you must have taken at least one workshop (online webinars count as workshops), attended the Manifestation Community Cafe or have done one-on-one astrological sessions or vocational counseling with Rick in the past. Should you be guided for a reading, fall and Winter availability is opening up.
Please visit the Consulting page for more information.

This year’s Gathering is from Friday evening November 1st – Sunday afternoon November 3rd.

The cost of the week-end is $295 and includes room and board (dorm-style accommodation.) Semi-private (two to a room) accommodation is also available for an additional $25.  As in the past, there are discounts for couples.

Participants: Please bring your dreams, visions, current projects, along with percussion instruments, an object for giveaway that symbolizes something you have accomplished and are proud of, some ceremonial clothes for ritual, including warm socks or slippers, a flashlight, one small votive candle in a glass holder, and a food offering (tea, juice or a healthy snack.)

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