Ananda 2019

Gathering at Ananda 2019
November 1-3
Registration opens 9/9

Mandala: Reintegration into the Field of Full Life

Can you be balanced in an imbalanced world?

Can you be effective and aware in the midst of a storm?

Can you connect to prosperity amidst scarcity and uncertainty?

Can you be connect to your life’s vision & still be connected with everything & everyone?

Can you be an agent of social and political transformation without becoming bitter?

Can you meet the realities of life and death with integrity?

As the divide between the haves and have nots continually increases in the world
around us, the questions above become profoundly significant. “Prosperity teachings” that tell
us to simply cultivate “positive thoughts” completely lose sight of our collectivity and
community. Social justice teachings that do not recognize the reality of the Spirit lose the
transformative potentials of human life.

Is there a way to align our “Inner Economy” to embody the best of both perspectives.

The answer is an emphatic, “Yes.” What is asked for is an very real awareness of the whole and
a genuine openness to this moment. The Mandala is something that is, not something that is
done. It is about being aware of and expressing wholeness from a place of full integration.

Moving into this reality is the intention of this year’s “Gathering.”

For years now, men and women of strong intention have been coming together at
Ananda in the Autumn to resource themselves, to get a clear picture of the coming year, and to
be a healing force for themselves and others. The weekend manifests through inner journeys,
dialogue, ritual, meditation, music, and space for what needs to arise and be processed in each
of us. The work is supported by the powerful space of Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York,
replete in its beautiful Autumn dress, and is facilitated by Rick Jarow and the Music of Dawn

We invite you to join us for a week-end of depth, clarity, and vision. The Ananda Space
can hold approximately 35 people, and is filled on a first come-first served basis. The fee
includes meals and lodging. One way we have been able to keep the cost down has been
though generous donations of participants.

Please consider any level of donation to help the work go on.

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