Creating the Work You Love Workshop
Poland - August 15-22

Have you ever felt the magic that you are in the right place, at the right time and interact freely with the universe?

If so, you have experienced what Rick Jarow calls the Alchemy of Abundance – a combination of internal power and external experience that transforms the base metal of frozen life into gold of full and open participation in every moment revealing to you.

This is the secret of abundance, which is not about accumulating material comforts but about liberation from fear of scarcity, thanks to the innate courage that will give rise to your true human expression.

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New audio from Rick Jarow:

Neptune: Freedom from the Known
Working with the Unclear and the Uncertain

Music by James Young

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Create The Work You Love.

Now is the time to honor your life’s calling and create a self-sustaining career that resonates with your deepest levels of integrity, passion, and purpose.

Author, educator and pioneer of the anti-career movement, Rick Jarow leads the way with his workshop and book, “Creating the Work You Love.”

Now you can open the doors to your greatest inspiration and motivation, move inspiration into action, develop your authentic vocation and cultivate sources of income that are in alignment with who you really are….. even in these tough economic times.